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Mimaki JV3-250SPF Solvent Printer (98-inch)

Mimaki JV3-250SPF Solvent Printer (98-inch)
Mimaki JV3-250SPF Solvent Printer (98-inch)
Mimaki JV3-250SPF Solvent Printer (98-inch)
Brand: Mimaki
Product Code: JV3-250SPF Solvent Printer (98-inch)
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Mimaki JV3-250SPF Solvent Printer (98-inch)

The new large format plotter is engineered to give you classic results. With features designed for speed and quality, the JV3-250SPF Baby Grand, delivers big — up to 98 inches wide. Supporting media weight up to 242 pounds, the solvent inkjet printing of the Baby Grand can help you orchestrate outputs at a dazzling 422 square feet per hour. Why just play the same old song, when Mimaki can help you write a whole new score.

JV3-250 SPF features the new AMF-250 automatic media feeding device, in which a tension bar moves up & down to secure even media tension. This means you can reliably feed heavy and hard-to-feed media rolls. The JV3-250SPF comes with the new Raster Link Pro II RIP, is offered both with and without the UISS-12 uninterruptible ink supply system that holds 24 cartridges, increasing uninterrupted print times to 24 hours. Another option for uninterrupted and cost effective printing is the Triangle Digital EasyFill Pro Bulk Ink System and solvent inks.

Mimaki JV3-250SPF Solvent Printer (98-inch)

Technical Specs & Details
Model JV3-250SPF
Print head On-demand piezo head, 4 heads in-line
Maximum printing width 2,500mm (98.4")
Printing 4 colors 6 colors 7 colors
Print nozzle 360 nozzles per color 180 nozzles per color 180 nozzles per color
360 nozzles for white
360×360dpi 1/2/4 pass, Bi/Uni direction 2/4/8 pass, Bi/Uni direction
360×540dpi 3/6/12 pass, Bi/Uni direction 3/6/12 pass, Bi/Uni direction
360×720dpi 2/4/8 pass, Bi/Uni direction 4/8/16 pass, Bi/Uni direction
720×720dpi 2/4/8 pass, Bi/Uni direction 4/8/16 pass, Bi/Uni direction
720×1440dpi 4/8/16 pass, Bi/Uni direction 8/16/32 pass, Bi/Uni direction
1440×1440dpi 8/16 pass, Bi/Uni direction 16/32 pass, Bi/Uni direction
Ink Type Exclusive solvent ink (with IC chip) selectable either SS2 or MS2 ink
Color K, C, M, Y × 2 K, C, M, Y, LC, LM+ Washing liquid × 2 K, C, M, Y, LC, LM+ W × 2
Ink volume SS2: 880cc/color (440cc×2/color)
MS2: 440cc/color (220cc×2/color)
SS2: 440cc/color
SS2 (white): 220cc
MS2: 220cc/color
Media Size Max. 2,550mm (100.3"), Min. 210mm (8.2")
Plotting surface Roll holder: Face OUT, Heavy-duty media holder: Face IN/OUT
Roll diameter Core inside: 3 inches, Roll outside: less than 250mm (9.8")
Roll weight Less than 110kg (242 lbs)
Media cutting Cutter in Y direction by cutter at head
Media holding device (standard) Roll holder: up to 25kg (55 lbs)
Heavy media holder: up to 110kg (242 lbs)
Media take-up device (standard) Heavy-duty media take-up winder: up to 110kg (242 lbs)
Interface IEEE-1394/IEEE-1284
Applicable standards VCCI, FCC, UL, CE, CB
Power supply AC100V~120±10%, AC200V~240±10% 50/60±1Hz
Power consumption Less than 1500VA or less, 2 types
Ambient conditions Temperature: 20°C (68°F)-35°C (95°F),
Humidity: 35%RH-65%RH (no frost allowable)
External dimensions (W)3720mm (147")×(D)1000mm (39")×(H)1240mm (49")
Weight Less than 400kg (882 lbs)

Mimaki JV3-250SPF Solvent Printer (98-inch)

Warranty Information
2 Years Manufacturer Warranty.

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