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New X-Rite 891U Photo Scanning Densitometer
Contains all features of the 890U, plus internal memory that maintains reference strip values. Tr..
New X-Rite DensiEye 100
Fast, Automated and Affordable Pressroom Densitometer The new DensiEye 100 is very easy to u..
New X-Rite DensiEye 700
The DensiEye 700 is ideal for the pressroom and 4-color CMYK printing. DensiEye portable refl..
New Techkon RS400 Scan Densitometer
Scan-Densitometer RS 400 The compact scanning devices revolutionize automatic measurements o..
Techkon RT120 Reflection/Transmission Densitometer
Techkon RT120 Reflection/Transmission Densitometer and Serial Interface with set for Dat..
New Techkon RT120 Reflection/Transmission Densitometer with Polarization Filter
TECHKON RT120 measures black-and-white prints and polyester plates in reflection mode. ..
New Techkon SpectroDens Basic Spectro-Densitometer
A measurement device for all applications Using measurement technology for quality assurance in..
New Techkon SpectroDens XL Spectro-Densitometer
SpectroDens XL expands the capabilities of SpectroDens, enabling operators to collect sample ..
New Techkon T120/OM Transmission Densitometer with Measurment Opacity
TECHKON T120 transmission densitometer measures density and dot percentage on film. Addi..
New X-Rite 504 Portable Entry Level Spectrodensitometer
An Affordable Solution For Monitoring Basic Color Printing The X-Rite 504 S..
New X-Rite 508 Portable Prepress to Pressroom Spectrodensitometer
Basic 4-Color Quality Control: The X-Rite 508 Spectrodensitometer brings the newest colo..
New X-Rite 890U Photo Scanning Densitometer
Designed for mini-labs. Measures various control strips for paper and film negative processing. C..

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